Social psychology is the study of the relationship between people in groups. This course offers an in-depth study of human beings in relation to one another, as well as to the habitat we all inhabit – Planet Earth. This is an interdisciplinary course suitable for upper-division psychology or sociology majors as well as a possible elective that should appeal to anyone interested in learning more about how and why human beings behave the way they do in social situations. This is a dynamic course which attempts to be relevant to current events worldwide including such topics as global demographics in relation to the Earth’s increasingly limited resources, the evolution of national identities, the role of prejudice and discrimination, factors that contribute to social compliance as opposed to social unrest as well as the impact of the Internet and social media.

An experiential research project allows students to adapt their major area of interest within a social and psychological context. This study is expected to help students to develop multicultural insights as part of on-going training in the social sciences.



Students should have at least two semesters or quarters of introductory psychology and/or sociology courses. Transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine eligibility.



Social Psychology in a Global Context

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