How do you successfully manage organizations and people? What's the difference between managing and leading? Are there special skills needed to manage across borders and in different cultures? This course gives a broad overview of management and provides students with information that will help them not only become better managers, but also better team members. Students are introduced to a variety of concepts, assessments, tools, and techniques that are important for understanding the changing business environment; elements of strategic planning; methods of organizing including recruiting, selecting, training, and developing; techniques for leading individuals and teams; and procedures for controlling resources to improve productivity and results.

The material covered will be relevant to students, regardless of career objectives. In all likelihood, students will either be a manager or work with one in any occupation they choose. In the final analysis, we are all managers of our own lives and can benefit from studying to be better managers.



  • Amazon London Headquarters, Shoreditch
  • London Hotel Fieldtrip
  • 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' viewing and Guest Lecture



Principals of Management

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