Isn’t marketing just advertising? What’s the difference? Does European marketing differ from the rest of the world, especially the USA? What are some of the most successful marketing strategies?

People often define “marketing” as advertising – a highly visible activity by which organizations try to persuade consumers to buy products and services. However, marketing is much more than advertising and even the most skillful marketing cannot make consumers buy things that they don’t want.

Through a European lens, this introductory course prepares students to think strategically about marketing in today’s global environment. After successful completion of this course, students have a basic understanding of the marketing concept, the marketing mix (product, place, promotion, and price), segmentation, targeting, positioning, customer value, branding, services marketing, global marketing, marketing metrics, consumer and business behavior, ethics and social responsibility in marketing, market planning, market research, and competitive analysis. In addition, students have the opportunity to evaluate and formulate marketing strategies taking into account the influence of international issues and technology.


  • Harrods    
  • Hiver Beers and Taproom   
  • Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising



Principals of Marketing

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