What is traveling and what does it mean to each of us. What is it for? Why do we travel, and how do we decide where to go? What is travel writing? What do we want from it? Do you feel more ‘American’ now you’re out of America (if that's where you're from)? Why and How?

As Tim Cahill, the legendary travel writer and former editor of 'Outside Magazine', once wrote, “It isn’t the traveling, it’s the writing.” Cahill, Andrew Bain, Rory MacLean, Sara Wheeler, Rolf Potts, Bill Bryson–these are writers with wildly different styles, and many of them travel to completely mundane locations, but they all manage to learn something about themselves, and why they travel, in the process of writing. In other words, it’s not where they go; it’s how they experience the place, and how they write about that experience.



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