FIE and Binary Hub work in partnership to ensure students have a safe, supportive, and open community to thrive in to enhance personal and academic growth while in Dublin. Both FIE and Binary Hub understand and are eager to foster a truly communal living and learning experience for our students, with a focus on providing diverse, inclusive, and welcoming safe spaces.

Whether you are studying for your next exam in the Binary Hub student lounge or just having a chat in your shared kitchen, you can be certain that FIE and Binary Hub stand behind respectful conversations and inclusive practices. Inappropriate and derogatory comments and actions are not tolerated.

Both organizations are dedicated to embedding sustainability into all aspects of our communities, with three-stream recycling systems, eco-friendly heating, and motion-sensing lights. FIE and Binary Hub also provide education and reminders for conserving energy within all residences and student switch-off campaigns throughout the semester to reduce environmental impact. 

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FIE regards its housing and classroom facilities as safe spaces to live, study and work with students, faculty and staff who are understanding, supportive, and trustworthy. Our hope is that everyone in the FIE community – students, faculty, staff, and visitors – knows they can come to anyone for help, advice or just to talk and they can expect consideration and support. Inappropriate and derogatory comments and actions are not tolerated and any such behavior is addressed in an educational and informative manner. Everyone at FIE has a right to their opinion; however, if someone is stating myths or misinformation FIE faculty and staff will provide more accurate information in a respectful manner. Our approach is based on the Western Michigan State University “Safe on Campus” program. 

FIE endeavors to provide appropriate housing for all of its students. Students who would like to discuss any specific housing needs or concerns can do so on an individual basis by contacting the Dublin Team directly. 


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