How do different countries approach healthcare? Is free healthcare a human right?  What are the current practices and issues affecting the health sector? Welcome to FIE’s two Comparative Public Health concentrations.

Whether you are a major in a health-related area or are just interested in exploring healthcare delivery and comparative systems between the US and the UK or Ireland, we’ve got two distinct options for you. Come to London for a quarter to study, or extend to a full semester allowing you the time to add on an internship in a health-related field. If Ireland is more your calling, then study Comparative Public Health with FIE at the popular and prestigious University College Dublin (UCD), where you’ll have an array of courses to choose from in addition to our embedded Irish Life and Cultures course.

FIE is well-equipped to work with faculties and study abroad offices to customize this program (see below) to suit the needs of the institution.

FIE’s models in London and Dublin share a common goal: to provide our students with an experience which firmly grounds the health professionals of the future through a challenging and rewarding experience.

How to Apply

Interested students should fill out an FIE application as normal on MyStudy@FIE as outlined on our Admissions & Application webpage. Within the application, under the Academic Program Options questionnaire, applicants will be asked if they would like to select Comparative Public Health @ FIE concentration. 

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