Educating Future Leaders at FIE 

Educating the next generation of leaders has been an integral part of FIE’s vision since our foundation in 1998. 

Our study abroad model has always actively incorporated High-Impact education Practices which taken together, develop core competencies.  Specifically: empathy, integrity, teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving, and adaptability.

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  • All of our classes are small and groups receive immediate feedback. 
  • All students will take one of the classes from our British Life and Cultures suite, which explores a system and worldview different from their own. 
  • All of our students undertake an International Internship Course, which not only exposes participants to views and practices different to those to which they’d be accustomed but does so in the context of an academic component that frames their experience in a cross-cultural way.
  • All of our classes involve collaborative assignments and projects.  We believe collaborative learning is vital because it encourages listening to the views of others and joint problem-solving.  




What values should motivate leaders of the local, national or international community?  FIE’s is committed to the environment, to advocate for social justice, ethics and human rights and knowledge & inclusivity. We believe these are the values the leaders of tomorrow should hold dear.  Since our foundation, each of FIE’s courses incorporates all of these principles. 

Taken together, we are confident that a study abroad experience with FIE develops core competencies and through close adherence to our principles, a program at FIE prepares responsible leaders of tomorrow.




Running since 2013, the Student Global Leadership Conference is FIE’s flagship event of the year.  It brings together educators and student delegates from around the world.  Uniquely, it is students who present at the SGLC.  This gives valuable experience in crucial skills for the post-college world in the context of value-based leadership – a competency for the 21st century increasingly needed.

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