At FIE, our dedicated staff is committed to upholding high standards of health and safety both on our premises and at your accommodation. As part of our comprehensive Arrivals & Orientation programme, all students actively engage in a thorough briefing. However, it is equally important for students to be mindful of health and safety measures while venturing out into the vibrant city of London, as well as when exploring other destinations across the United Kingdom and Europe. As with any bustling metropolis, London presents a dynamic urban environment. While the majority of individuals you encounter will be friendly or unobtrusive, it is crucial to maintain awareness of potential safety concerns. To ensure your well-being, we kindly request that you take note of the following considerations:


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  • Make sure that someone knows where you are going before you head out - let a flatmate, friend or family member that isn't coming with you know where you are going and when you are planning to be back
  • Plan you journey ahead of time and check before you leave to make sure there aren't any changes or disruptions to your planned route - Citymapper, Transport for Londonand National Rail are great resources for this
  • Make sure you only ride in licensed taxis - all taxi services, except the iconic London Black Taxis, must be pre-booked - ffind out more at Transport for London's Safer Travel Campaign
  • If you feel unsafe or threatened on a night out, seek help from staff - many nightlife venues participate in the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign, where venue staff will help you get home if you feel unsafe on a night out
  • Move away from any indication of trouble, protests, demonstrations and suspicious activities, and stay alert to your surroundings at all times - don't stay glued to your phones particularly at road crossings!
  • Secure your valuables in a zipped pocket, wallet, or bag, and don't leave your items unattended e.g if you're studying in a coffee shop, take your laptop with you while buying drinks from the counter
  • Don't take your passport out with you and keep it locked away back at your FIE residence - if you are going somewhere or buying something that requires proof of age, you can use your drivers' license
  • Never carry large amounts of cash with you - most vendors accept card or contactless payments and credit cards can be easily cancelled if they go missing or if they are stolen
  • Submit the FIE Travel Form before any visit outside of London or overnight stay away from your FIE residence - please complete the form with as much detail as possible
  • Mark or register you property through a program like Immobilise - this can help with the police identify you as the owner of stolen property if it has been recovered




  • When leaving your room or flat, secure your items by making sure that the door is fully closed and locked behind you, even if you are just stepping outside for a moment
  • Do not leave your valuable items in any of the common areas, including lounges or study areas - buy a padlock so you can lock valuables away in your wardrobe using the metal latch
  • Never give out doorcodes or your residence keys to anyone and do not keep your keys next to anything that has the address of your residence on it
  • When entering the building, be aware of any 'tailgaters' - anyone who should be accessing the building will have their own set of keys so you do not need to let anyone in
  • If you are aware of any suspicious activity in or around your FIE residence, dial 5131 from the phone in your room or +44 (0) 207 808 0131 from an external line to report this to the 24-hour Facilities Support Team




  • If you have been assaulted or hurt in any way, seek support from a healthcare professional - services can be found on our health page
  • Submit an online report, dial 101 or visit a police station: Kensington Police Station, 72-74 Earl’s Court Road, London, W8 6EQ 
  • If your wallet has been lost or stolen, cancel credit cards immediately and submit a police report
  • If applicable, you may wish to submit an insurance claim 
  • Visit the Student Life Office at Foundation House or the Facilities Support Desk at Metrogate House if you would like to use a phone or require a small cash loan





Metropolitan Police


STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) 


US Embassy in the UK 

Victim Support


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