On this page you’ll find recommendations of a variety of places to visit, information on local and national transport, and pre-travel reminders to help you prepare for your trip.


Places to visit

Studying abroad with FIE London gives you access to all the amazing sites that Britain has to offer. Whether you have a day or a whole weekend, there is plenty to see within easy reach of London: 



Britain’s vast transport system gives you many ways to travel sustainably, wherever your destination. Below you’ll find information on the different modes of transport that you can use to travel across London and further afield to locations across the country.

Before you travel

  • Submit the FIE Travel Form before any visit outside of London or overnight stay away from your FIE residence - please complete the form with as much detail as possible 
  • Save both of FIE's 24 hour emergency numbers to your phone if you haven't done so already; +44 (0)207 808 0131 is the main line and +44 (0)207 589 0728 is the alternate line
  • Review your travel insurance to make sure you know what is covered - if you are participating in any activities not listed on your policy, take out additional coverage
  • Research the local area that you are visiting to make sure you know where your nearest amenities are, from grocery stores and pharmacies to hospitals and police stations
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