What Our Students Say



'Dr. Hameed was an amazing professor and his Diversity class was the best part of my academic experience.' (Student Feedback, Spring 2022)

‘I had a lovely experience. The extra set of eyes was extremely helpful and I was able to get in to meet with a tutor last minute. It was nice having the resource available and I was lucky it could fit with my schedule. Very accommodating.’ (2015 Fall Writing Support London)


‘You guys are so nice and helpful and really great at contacting internships and working quickly!’  (Elon University, 2016 Spring London)

‘The FIE internship team is both timely and extremely welcoming when issues or questions arise from students. I have had to ask for logistical help a couple of times now, and in both instances, I was pleasantly surprised at how much help and reassurance I was given.’  (Temple University, 2016 Spring London)

‘The FIE internship team is both timely and extremely welcoming when issues or questions arise from students. I have had to ask for logistical help a couple of times now, and in both instances, I was pleasantly surprised at how much help and reassurance I was given.’ (Temple University, 2016 Spring London)

‘I loved taking an internship abroad and thought it really helped me make the most out of my time in Ireland. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.' (St Norbert College, 2016 Fall Dublin)

“I enjoyed learning about my internship placement. I liked how they gave tips on how to be successful in the interview! I was not as stressed about meeting my company for the first time!” (University of Florida, Placement Information Meetings, 2017 Spring)

“I am very happy with my internship and am thankful for the work that the team put into getting it for me. Everyone in my flat seems very excited as well and I look forward to hearing everyone’s experiences!” (CSBSJU, Internship Placement, 2017 Spring)


'Great communication and very clear!' (Student Feedback, Spring 2022)

'Your Immigration and Compliance Officer was amazing, thank you!' (Student Feedback, Spring 2022)

‘The step-by-step information sent to us was helpful when applying for the Visa.’ University of Florida, 2015 Fall London)

‘FIE always did a great job at communicating with us both prior and during the semester.’ (Elon University, 2015 Fall London)

 ‘Any time I was unsure about an aspect of my abroad trip, the answer to my worrying question was in an email sent to me from FIE. (Lewis and Clark College, 2016 Spring London)

'The communication and timing of all the emails were great. They were thoroughly helpful and each email had relevant information to the program.’ (Marist College, 2016 Fall London)


‘All of the faculty and staff are excellent and helpful. I loved every single one of them.’ (2015 Summer Peace & Conflict Resolution)

‘FIE staff members were always approachable and quick to respond to emails.’ (Northeastern University, 2015 Fall London)

‘I thought everyone was very polite and nice to work with. They were sensitive of any issues you had and were in general just great people.’ (Elon University, 2016 Spring Dublin)


‘AMAZING. Wales weekend was by far my favorite. I could not stop talking about it upon returning from this trip. Met so many new people and had a wonderful time. Stonehenge/Bath and Wicked were great as well.’ (CSBSJU, 2015 Spring Extra-Curricular Events London)

‘LOVED THEM! All were awesome and the discounts were worthwhile.’ (University of Florida, 2016 Summer Extra-Curricular Activities, London)

 ‘All of the scheduled activities through FIE were a great opportunity to get more insight into Irish culture.’ (2015 Summer Dublin)

‘I loved the trips to the North and South West, it was great to get to experience all of that along with learning the history and culture of Ireland.’ (2015 Summer Dublin)

 ‘I personally loved this study tour and I think that it was the perfect amount of scheduled and unscheduled time to enjoy such a beautiful and historical town!’ (2015 Fall Stratford-upon-avon study tour London)

'The seats for the shows were incredible and everything was presented at such a reasonable and affordable price. In the emails sent out, the guidelines were very clear in what students who registered for these extra–curricular had to do in terms of meeting places, times, and how to pick up tickets for shows.’  (Elon University, 2016 Fall Extra-Curricular London)

‘I loved all of the instructors. I felt like each one of them had so much to offer, and I was able to learn a lot. They also were all tremendously caring, which helped to establish a safe, supportive environment.’ (Loyola Marymount University, 2016 Fall Page to Stage)

‘Page to Stage Workshop pushed me to do something I had never done before and got me out of my comfort zone while still being in a really accepting and relaxed setting. It gave me a much better idea of the background work that needs to be done when creating a character and how a monologue should be executed. The instructors were supportive and open to any ideas we the students had. We could really create our performance into anything we wanted. A completely positive experience.’ (CSBSJU, 2016 Fall Page to Stage)

“Student Life rocked these events!! They were well worth their value (couldn’t find anything cheaper) and I had some of the best experiences on that Wales Adventure Weekend!” (Lewis and Clark College, 2017 Spring)


‘Housekeeping staff are great!!’ (University of Wisconsin, Hyde Park Gate Residence, 2016 Spring London)

'The housekeeping staff are one of the best parts of FIE. They are so incredibly kind and go above and beyond to make this a comfortable environment for us.'  (Loyola Marymount University, 2016 Fall London)


‘The website was very clear in finding sections that needed to be looked for and had a very appealing touch to it as well.’ (Elon University, FIE Virtual Learning Environment, 2016 Fall)

‘It really is a great and useful tool!’ (Temple University, FIE Virtual Learning Environment, 2016 Fall)


‘I thought that FIE did great with explaining everything and letting us know all the details in full.’ (Temple University, Online Pre-departure Orientation, 2016 Spring London) 

‘I learned a lot that has helped me since because of the tour’ (Lawrence University, The Local Amenities Tour, 2016 Spring London)

‘All the presentations were very informative, straight to the point, and useful.’ (Temple University, Orientation sessions, 2016 Spring London)

‘Despite everybody still being a bit jet-lagged, you did a good job of keeping everybody engaged, and for keeping the overall orientation session brief/concise (greatly appreciated by tired people).’ (CalPoly SLO, Orientation sessions, 2016 Summer)

“One of my goals was to see as many theatrical productions as possible. I was so happy to have that opportunity within the first week!! THANK YOU” (Temple University, Orientation Activities, 2017 Spring)

“I was able to leave the 1st orientation [session] with more confidence about doing an internship abroad because of the amount of information that I received during the orientation. I learned the do’s and don’ts.” (Temple University, Orientation Sessions, 2017 Spring)


'I don't think anything needs to be adjusted. I really to enjoy how FIE tries to make students global citizens and how it's introduced into our British life courses. The sustainability film was a great way for students to learn about sustainability in the London area as well.’ (Elon University, 2016 Fall London)


 ‘Overall, I really really enjoyed my time with FIE! Thank you for an amazing summer.’ University of Florida, 2016 Spring London)

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